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Optimal Checkout
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Optimal Checkout

Increase Your Checkout Conversions

Purchase conversions are the holy grail in e-commerce. And no place on your site is more important than the checkout process. Phosphor Media's Optimal Checkout is a combination service and product that optimizes your site's checkout for conversions.

How Does it Work?

Phosphor Media's e-commerce usability experts carefully review your site, and identify common problem areas and ones unique to your site. Then, along with installing a proprietary custom module, we make changes to your site to make sure your checkout process is not limiting your site's conversion rate. And, unlike other checkout conversion solutions, ours doesn't lock you out. You don't need to come back to us for every minor change. We use only standard Merchant templates to create the most efficient checkout process possible.

Additional Features of Optimal Checkout

  • Doesn't lock you out of modifying your checkout process. Add a coupon module, gift certificate, upsell, etc. Optimal Checkout automatically adapts to most changes. (Some may require a small change you can easily make).
  • Remembers what customers type in without an account. If your customer enters their customer information, then goes back into your site (to order more products), Optimal Checkout will automatically refill their customer information.
  • Customers can navigate back to previous checkout screens without losing their settings. They can use either our unique checkout progress bar or the standard back button. They don't need to learn a new process.
  • Add our Easy Account option (we provide free installation for it) and remove one additional step from the checkout process.
  • Includes a follow-up review in 90 days to identify any additional issues that could be hurting conversions.

Isn't One Page Checkout the Solution For Me?

There is no empirical evidence that one page checkouts are the best conversion solution. In fact, one of the main obstacles in one-page checkouts is making that page ACT like it is really multiple pages. Some have even shown that One Page checkouts (sometimes called AJAX checkouts) fare even worse than multi-step checkouts. Here are some interesting articles on this topic:

One Page Checkouts -- the Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?
One Page Ajax Vs. Multi Page Checkout Process

What does work is having qualified usability experts examine YOUR checkout process and then having qualified technical experts implement the recommended changes.

A Few Representative Screen Shots

  • Customer Info Screen
    Customer Info Customer Info Screen
    Customer Info Screen: Basket info expands and collapses on demand; alternate info is hidden by default.
  • Shipping/Payment Selection
    Shipping/Payment Selection Shippging/Payment Selection
    Shipping/Payment Selection: Uses radio buttons, traps non-selection error; expand/collapse Basket/Customer Info
  • Payment Details
    Payment Details Payment Details
    Payment Details: Doesn't require Name, illustrates CVV2; expand/collapse Basket/Customer Info

Works with all Miva Merchant 9.x stores.

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Price: $498.88
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Optimal Checkout is licensed for one year from the date of purchase. This includes free support, feature updates, and of course any bug fix releases.

Products expire after this period unless they are renewed.

The renewal cost for Optimal Checkout is: $59.00.

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