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"Whoever said nothing's impossible, never tried to slam a revolving door."

Phosphor Media specializes in comprehensive web site development and information design.

We focus on delivering a tailor-made solution to your needs and goals, instead of offering a bunch of services for you to pick and choose from. We do this by acting more as partners than hired hands.

We also believe every client is unique, with individual requirements and issues. Therefore, we do not publish a rate-sheet. We cannot answer the question "How much?" until we know what your exact needs are.

Our philosophy on site design and development is that we will bring an appropriate mix of our skills and experience to bear on every project. From design through implementation, we use technologies from basic HTML/DHTML/CSS to jquery, Flash, and dynamic data exchange to bring you the exact solution your need.

E-commerce development:

From simple storefronts to virtual businesses and B2B (business-to-business) solutions.

The goal of an e-commerce site is two-fold--to create a Web based sales channel that reaches new and existing customers, and to increase the profit realized through this sales channel by leveraging electronic data processing. To achieve these goals, you need to first to present a shopping experience to the customer that is easy, non-confusing, and more convenient than other means. Next, you have to add create processes and methods that make web selling more productive and efficient. Phosphor Media media excels in both the design of e-commerce sites, and the effectiveness of creating and enhancing flow of commerce data.

Mivascript/Module development

Design integration, custom functionality, dynamic data exchange, etc...if it needs to work with Miva Merchant, you should work with us.

Miva Merchant is a great platform for the small e-commerce site that wants to grow into a large e-commerce site. We can integrate existing third-party modules as well as provide custom modules and scripts where needed. More importantly, we can help you determine the RIGHT features that you need to be successful.

Content development

From crafting effective brand messages to compelling product descriptions, Phosphor Media can turn your thoughts, goals and ideas into engaging content.

Site design is not enough to carry your site. You need to deliver an effective message. We can provide marketing copy writing, technical documentation, training materials and content organization and cataloging.

Graphic design

From illustration to navigation; we can either create the visual image you need, work with several highly respected graphic designers, or work with the designer of your choice.

In e-commerce, the graphic elements educate, help navigate, entertain, explain, and compel customers to purchase. Phosphor Media has the experience you need to ensure that this seemingly simple task (hey, they're just pictures) gives you the edge you need. Phosphor Media can provide the graphic design elements you need, refer you one of several highly respected outside designers, or work with your existing designer in a way that ensures that this integral part of your site becomes an asset, not a liability

Usability and information design

The role of usability and information design is to ensure that your message (i.e., sales pitch if you will) comes across clearly and effectively.

Information design is the organization of all media elements into a singular form that imparts understanding, and not just a bunch of data, words and images. Phosphor Media brings years of user interface and information design in the development and creation of a wide range of media to the business of doing business on the Web.

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