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Just getting started? Want to "up your game" and get things done fast?

We've put together four essential tools for working on Miva Merchant stores to save you time and money. (Both when you buy them AND when you use them.) Think of them as your Merchant Work Bench.

Save over 50%!!!. Regularly $157.52, BUY ALL FOUR FOR: $78.76.

Edit This!

Edit Any Text File directly from the Merchant admin. No more hunting out the FTP client, loading the site, navigating directories etc, just to make a little tweak to a style sheet, a javascript file or standalone HTML file.
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Template GPS

Quickly Find Destination in Merchant's Templates. Locate comments, text, code, anything in any Merchant template. Set navigation points you can see on the resulting page (so you can see where page code is coming from) and more!
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Go To Page

Move from one page template to another page template with a single click.
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Find EVERY variable used on a specific Merchant page with a single click.
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