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Since 2001

About Phosphor Media

Who We Are

Bruce Golub and Gordon Currie are the principals of Phosphor Media. We have been working in software and technology for decades, and e-commerce for over 15 years. Combining talents in product management, development, user experience, server and client technologies, we bring these to bear to make your business easier--and therefore, more successful.

In 1999, we began working with a shopping cart called Miva Merchant. Although powerful, it was difficult to use for large amounts of products. We developed a custom tool for a client with many thousands of products, and our first product (StoreMan) was born.

What We Believe

We believe that e-commerce can be a huge enabler of economic development when done intelligently. All our products are created with the intent to minimize the amount of time spent by a business owner in dealing with underlying technology--so they can spend more time doing the thousand and one things that will actually grow their business.

Why You Should Care

If you wish you had more time to spend on your core business activities, instead of fighting endless fires (at least in the area of your e-commerce platform), we think you will find that we are in alignment of purpose. Let's start talking!

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