Product Renewals

Phosphor Media adopted the practice of yearly license fees to make our products more cost effective for the average Merchant store owner. It's more effective because we can defer the cost of creating and supporting a module over its life span as you use the module to help your business grow and prosper.

License fees provide a means for us to continue to improve and enhance modules, rather than just releasing them and letting them get stale.

Since instigating renewal fees, we have been able to add significant features to each module at least every three months - for free - while providing the most coveted support service in the Miva Merchant module community.

Developer Sandbox
Initial price:$198.88
Renewal cost:$48.00
Easy Account
Initial price:$68.88
Renewal cost:$20.00
Easy Contact
Initial price:$168.88
Renewal cost:$45.00
Easy Review
Initial price:$278.88
Renewal cost:$78.00
Edit This!
Initial price:$58.88
Renewal cost:$20.00
Merchant Inspector
Initial price:$48.88
Renewal cost:$15.00
Merchant Optimizer
Initial price:$228.88
Renewal cost:$88.88
Initial price:$38.00
Renewal cost:$18.00
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