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Edit This!
How did I ever survive without this?
If you are doing any design work with Miva you need this module. Save time which in turn saves money with this module. After toolkit this is now the second module I need. Backup and change files without ever leaving your Miva admin. No more downloading editing and uploading your css/js files only to find out you didn't get the results you were expecting.
Mark Hood
Verified Buyer
Vermont Gear
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Super Easy to Use
I like being able to edit any files. That is great, especially with a PCI compliant site that doesn't allow for Plesk and it's file manager.
Kelly Allen
Verified Buyer
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Could not live without it
This is a great module. The simple Manage Files screen and interface, coupled with the validation integration, is a great time saver.
George Britt
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Edit This!

DETOURS AHEAD: Avoid them with Edit This! from Phosphor Media.

Edit This! takes the brakes off your Merchant Admin workflow, letting you get your work done faster, easier and with less aggravating congestion and detours. With Edit This! virtually every file on your web server can be edited directly and EASILY from your Miva Merchant Admin.

Need to add or adjust a CSS Style? Done.

Need to tweak a JavaScript file or add a whole new function? Done.

Need to change a standalone index or other HTML file? Done, and more.

The new Browse feature makes finding the file you need a breeze. You'll even find that Edit This! is the fastest way to review files you previously had to download such as export and log files.

Edit This! not only makes it easy to edit files, it also makes it easy to ensure that the file meets web standards. Each HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML file has a "Validate" button which automatically submits the file to the web's authority on such matters (The W3C Organization.)

Edit This! also makes it safe to work directly with server files. Unlike using FTP, Edit This! offers a convenient back up and restore function, and most importantly prevent someone from editing or deleting any critically important files on your site. Now, you can safely update your site in your sleep...almost.

Safety included. Edit This! also ensures that access to your site remains under PA-DSS/PCI-DSS compliance. If your admin is secure, so is access to all your site's resource files. (PA-DSS/PCI-DSS compliance requires that FTP access to your site be secured by SSH protocols.)

  • Edit This Workspace
    Edit This! WorkspaceEdit This Workspace
    Edit This! Workspace
  • Edit This Manage Files Window
    Edit This! Manage Files ScreenEdit This Manage Files
    Edit This! Manage Files Window
  • Edit This Browse Control
    Edit This! Interactive BrowseEdit This Interactive Browse
    Edit This! Interactive Browse Feature

Works with all Miva Merchant 5.5 and 9.x stores.

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Price: FREE!
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Edit This! is licensed for one year from the date of purchase. This includes free support, feature updates, and of course any bug fix releases.

Products expire after this period unless they are renewed.

The renewal cost for Edit This! is: $0.00.

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