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Faux Order
Time saving add-on
Saves a lot of time testing new sites.
Mark Kmieciak
Verified Buyer
Makco Marketing Inc.
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A super handy little utility
There's no better way of testing changes you are making to your checkout process. The module installs and configures easily, is secure, and even makes it super easy to delete all the test orders you have created while using the module. Highly recommended for anyone who does development work on their store. And why would you not want to use the module? It's free! Thanks for providing it to the Miva community.
Todd Gibson
Oliver + S
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Can't develop without it!
When I am working on a store integration, Faux Order is an in dispensable tool during testing. There is no other way to say it.
Scott Shepard
Verified Buyer
Interactive Design Solutions
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Faux Order

Always be ready to place a test order

Faux Order gives you and your staff -- and only you and whomever you designate -- a 'fake' payment method so you can test your store all the way through to the invoice page. Since you control who can see this payment method, it's safe to keep it installed and on hand whenever it's needed.

Now with 70% Less Typing: Use the new Remember Me feature to have Faux Order automatically populate your checkout screens, so all you need to do is click, click, click. (Unless, of course, you want to change something.)

Faux Order installs as a standard payment method. A simple point and click in the module's admin lets you add or remove access to this payment method. Keep it to yourself, or share it with your staff...or anyone else who helps you with your site.

Faux Order works by using your IP address (or the IP address of others) to tell Merchant to display the Faux Order payment choice in the Order Payment and Shipping screen. This means there is no chance of unauthorized usage, so it's safe to use even for downloaded or drop-shipped products.

Faux Order also provides an easy way to delete all orders placed with this module. A single clean up function removes all orders and any other elements associated with the order.

New: Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.

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