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Easy Account
Unable to get it working
Nice concept but we have not been able to get it to work with the Collossus theme.
We are sorry that it didn't work as you hoped. Thanks for considering our products.
Tom Moulton
Verified Buyer
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Easy setup, way more customer signups!
It was very easy to set up! Straight forward installation, and we were able to match our sites design with ease. The amount of customers creating accounts has increased dramatically. Definitely worth it!
Ryan Thomas
Verified Buyer
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Works great, gets more account signups!
Customer account signups have increased since installing this module. Customers like things made easy and this does exactly that. Puts it right in front of them and all they have to do is add a password.
Kris Larson
Verified Buyer
Larson Shutter Company
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Great for customer usability
This is a great little module that makes the checkout process just that little bit easier for the user. Since putting the module in, it's worked flawlessly for us, and 58% of shoppers who don't have an account with us have set one up. The module is a great value for the cost. I highly recommend it.
Todd Gibson
Verified Buyer
Oliver + S
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Truly amazing!
This module was less expensive than my time and solved my problem.
;Now, about 80% of our customers create accounts.
Brett Wilkinson
Verified Buyer
Pens R Us
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LOVE the new features. Especially the ability to preview. This makes things SO much easier when editing! It's also nice to see how many people actually used the feature to create an account.
Eric Sunda
Verified Buyer
Orange County Speaker Repair
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Easy Account

Get more customers...the Easy way

Make it easy for your customers to create an account in your store. Customers simply enter a password AFTER they have already purchased.

Take that pesky "Create Account" screen out of the order flow and put it where it makes sense...AFTER the customer orders. That's the time they may be thinking of the benefits of having a registered account: order status and history, frequent shopper promotions, easier returns, etc.

Couldn't be simpler: Easy setup and customization

Easy Account is not only simple for your customers, it's also simple for you. Install module, add a single token and ...nope, that's it. And, though you could leave it as is, we also give you simple settings to make the sign up look the way you want or completely customize just about everything your customer sees through its own inline CSS styles.

See your success

Easy Account keeps track of requests for sign ups, number of successful sign ups, and in the rare case, signup errors too.

Immediate Customer Benefit

When a customer signs up through Easy Account, their current order is automatically associated with their new customer account. Immediately customers can now use any of the great order status and history features available for Merchant 5 and more.

Easy, Just Got Easier and More Effective

The latest upgrade to Easy Account makes it even easier to use; and more effective at converting one-time purchasers into repeat customers.

  • The Easy Account Sign up form now presents "on top" of the invoice screen. This focuses the attention of the your customer completely on the offer to create an account.
  • The Easy Account Sign up form now supports rounded corners, giving you a more modern look.
  • Our new "Preview" mode shows you an exact sample of the resulting sign up form. This makes it easy for you to create the most appealing and compelling sign up offer.
  • Now supports tokens so you can personalize the sign up form (and confirmation message) with the customer's name and email address. This makes the message more personal and helps assure them that the sign up form is not some sort of "intrusion."
  • New licensing and support system. Automatically notifies you when free updates are available.
  • Supports Sebenza and Viking Coders Order Status modules

Screen Shots

  • Easy Account Settings
    Easy Account Settingsasy Account Settings
    Easy Account Settings
  • Easy Account Preview Window
    Easy Account Preview WindowEasy Account Preview Window
    Easy Account Preview Window
  • Easy Account Info Log
    Easy Account Info LogEasy Account Info Log
    Easy Account Info Log

Works with all Miva Merchant 5.5 and 9.x stores.

Red items are required
Price: $68.88
Price: FREE!
Please install Easy Account for me.  (Add $36.00)
Our Apologies: We are currently reworking our license system and modules are currently unavailable for purchase.


Easy Account is licensed for one year from the date of purchase. This includes free support, feature updates, and of course any bug fix releases.

Products expire after this period unless they are renewed.

The renewal cost for Easy Account is: $0.00.

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