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A Google XML Sitemap creator for Miva Merchant.
Now submits directly to Bing and Ask search engines too!
AND submits your main product image to Google images and others!

Get more of your store listed on Google

Page rank only matters if your pages are actually SEEN by search engines. And just because your site has some pages indexed doesn't mean ALL of them are indexed. How would you know?

What about when you add your new best-sellers to a category? Search engine results might still show the old content: what gives? Well, just because a search engine indexes a page, doesn't mean it will be re-indexed when YOU need it!

Be in control of your own search indexing

If you used Moogle you wouldn't have to worry - Moogle can get every product, category and relevant Merchant page indexed by Google (and other search engines.) And Moogle will tell them when to re-index and how important that page is relative to other pages in your site.

Moogle can:

  • Help you get every page of your site indexed so your customers find more of what they are looking for.
  • Improve the timeliness of re-indexing providing fresher search results to your customers.
  • Ensure that the right page is shown first to your customer (e.g. a product page versus a category page).
  • Save you days of time trying to setup an XML Sitemap, and hours a week keeping it updated.

Not only fast, but also efficient.

All Moogle requires is the simple installation of our Miva Merchant module, one or two settings and wham... an XML sitemap of your Merchant store is created, in place, and optionally, submitted directly to Google from the module itself.

Most of our Moogle customers find that using Moogle increases their site listings by at least 300%. Everything in your store: categories, products, content pages, etc, will be seen by the Google search engine. You can even add additional Merchant pages you've created and non-Merchant pages too for inclusion.

Moogle works seamlessly with our own Merchant Optimizer module and Miva Merchant's SEO Short Links features. It will index stores in excess of 2 million links, if you need that much power!

Moogle - How to's and tips

Works with all Miva Merchant 5.5 and 9.x stores.

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